From 130 to 79

A good friend of mine had after the birth of her children and various life circumstances 130 kilos on the scale with a height of 1.71. She used to do a lot of sports, but for many years then nothing at all. When we met, she was down to about 100 kilos through a lot of hard work in the gym. And there it has stagnated. One of the reasons is surely that cycling in the gym is one of the most boring things you can imagine. Another reason is that you should take a closer look at your diet and exercise.

When it came to diet, I clearly saw that there was a quest for (supposedly) good food. For example, muesli for breakfast. But then also two plates full. I didn't easily manage to dissuade her that she "needed" it. We then installed an app for her to log and analyze her meals and that was a real aha moment. Of course, one has to be careful not to be enslaved by such apps. Food is and always will be a pleasure, after all! But to see where you have enough and where something is still missing - they are good for that.

When it comes to sports, we started very small. With jogging. At first it was "I can't" or "I've never done that before". But then we just started. I ran slowly, at first only 1 km with breaks. That hurt her in many ways - there were blisters on her feet and the first sore muscles! But: she did it and tasted blood. With the time we were then at 10km (!). And that at a very acceptable average of 6:30 min/km. We are now in "give me more" mode.

We have supplemented the endurance with self-weight exercises. And we had and still have to this day the issue of maintaining the desired weight (today no less than 79 kg). Because maintaining a target weight is much more difficult than losing weight itself. Topics for the next articles ...