Classic Studio Experience: Kieser Training

Once you realize that training is important and want to get down to business, you have to make a decision about how to do it. Train alone? With dumbbells or bands or??? Or go to the gym? At the time, I decided to go to a gym - and signed a contract with Kieser Training.

The reasons for this lay in the Kieser concept, which in my opinion is reduced to the pure purpose: namely the training. There's no radio blaring, no bar, no sauna, etc. there. I like it that way because I am very focused in that respect and don't want any distractions. Furthermore, I go to the workout to ... work out. Nothing more, nothing less.

Another advantage I see in the approach and the idea behind it to train the essential muscle groups effectively. The goal is the healthy body, without back pain, etc.. For this purpose, an individual plan is created, with which the muscles and the counterparts are systematically trained. Since most of the time the opposing muscles are underdeveloped, this stabilizes the body after a short period of time. Speaking of time: a workout can be completed in about 30 minutes - that is enough to load all muscle groups and since they are loaded to exhaustion, one is also completely served in a positive sense. It is also intended to check again and again via measurements how symmetrical the muscle build-up is and where there may still be deficits. Finally, it is possible to train with your studio card in any Kieser studio - I have tested several times and it works flawlessly. The training plans from the "home studio" can then even be transferred to the guest studio.

My conclusion: I see many advantages in the Kieser approach as described above. The disadvantage is perhaps that the plans become monotonous after a certain time, but then you have to talk to the staff and change the machines if necessary. Kieser is also not a cheap form of training, but those who like an efficient concept without frills, like me, will gladly pay for it. For this reason, I can answer the question of whether I would do it again with a resounding yes.

Later I went to Venice Beach, I'll write about that later. But then I discovered functional training for myself - which I still do today with success and a lot of fun.